Presentation New chemicals products | 15. 03. 2009

New chemicals polishing pastes and protective coatings

Dear visitors of our website, we inform you and invite you to the presentation of the products manufactured by New chemicals.
Due to the impact of surroundings and exposure to various more or less aggressive media and atmospheric influences, such as air pollution by precipitations in a variety of high / low temperatures, UV rays, osmotic pressure in marine and fresh water and chemicals, the gel coat quickly gets older and wears out.
Because of that, the gel coat must be annually renewed, maintained and finally it must be given its original shine.
Polishing paste and protective coatings New chemicals enable your gel coat to stay shiny and also enables the shine to last a long time.
Polishing pastes New chemicals are harmless to health, but still achieve the optimal result of polishing gel coat.
New chemical products are divided into groups:

• polishing paste to polish gel coat when it is being repaired
• polishing paste for a spacious and oxidant gel coat
• polishing paste for colour gel coat and paint (Awl grip)
• polishing paste for technical marble
• protective coatings for gel coat and paint
• cleaning and maintenance of teak
• solvent for cleaning oil and dirt in the ship zones (santin)

With help of our professional staff and the products New chemicals, your vessels will have amazing shine up to 98 GLOSS.
Presentation of the products will be on 25 and 26 March, at 10 a.m. at Marina Portorož. Welcome!



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Presentation New chemicals products

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